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The Cultural Fest: UDAAN 2024

Date: 6 th-9 th Feb, 2024

The annual cultural programme “UDAAN -2024” of Shri K R Pandav Institute Of Pharmacy, Nagpur,was held. The cultural programme gives an opportunity to students to present their talents in different fields like music, dance, drama etc. Shri K R Pandav Institute Of Pharmacy, Nagpur, organized different competitions under the cultural event “UDAAN”.

“UDAAN”was incomplete without the power pack treasure of dances. The dances that highlight life, strength.There were 30 participants dance were in competition. Dance competition was one of the scintillating events being enjoyed by the viewers.

The event was made even more fun and interesting when professors and college staff from audience were allowed sing songs. After Antakshari The singing competition resonated around the whole campus .The singing competition included both solo and group singing .it brought forth the best singers of college .students got a chance to perform on the stage and entertain the audience with their singing.

Last event of the day was fashion Show where fashion divas and handsome hunks of our college set the pace for it. The participants and groups were judged on the basis of creativity, Innovation and presentation skill. The event was successfully coordinated with the help of Student Council Members; Program coordinator Ms Shephali Kubalkar, Ms Krutika S Mule, Asst. Professor and other faculties.

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